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Plumbing problems solved

We provide clients with fast and efficient service to satisfy every plumbing need. The list below covers specific plumbing problems that you can leave in our capable hands.


We are water leak detection specialists. We make use of advanced digital and electro-acoustic water leak detection equipment which is extremely effective in locating hidden water leaks in all manner of piping including water supply pipes, swimming pools and bathroom waste pipes. We also utilise scuba diving equipment for commercial leak detection applications such as swimming pools, reservoirs and tanks.


Underground leaks can be caused by aging water pipes, corrosion, faulty installation, ground movement, excessively high pressure. Electro-acoustic and gas leak detection or inferior materials is the best solution for finding below ground water leaks.


Unusually high water bills, sound of running water when taps are closed and presence of damp spots on walls, paving, lawns and garden beds are indications that there may be a water leak. Not taking action quickly to locate and repair water leaks can lead to costly water bills and may cause damage to building foundations and walls.


Blocked drains and pipes present an unpleasant odour which usually lingers in and around your house. Some common symptoms include:

  • water rising in the toilet when you flush it
  • water pooling or bubbling in showers and bath drains

Our plumbers use their many years of experience in dealing with blocked drains to assist you with this problem.


We are able to repair all types and sizes of water and waste pipes, in the ground, roofs and walls. We are able to arrange leak detection services for speedy location and repair.

Replacement of paving, repairs to walls and ceilings can be arranged with our reputable contractors.


Do you have water flowing out of an overflow pipe or dripping through your ceiling?

The chances are you have a burst geyser! We are able to replace all sizes of geysers and will fit them to the South African National Standards. If you are insured you will be able to submit our invoice to your insurance company.

How do you know that there is a problem with the geyser?

Below is a list of some of the signs that your geyser or it’s components have become faulty. If you experience any of these symptoms please don’t hesitate to contact us:

  • Excessive water leaking
  • Hot water/steam coming out of the overflow pipe
  • Water leaking through your ceiling
  • No hot water (all water is cold)
  • No water coming out the hot water tap
  • Not enough hot water or water not hot enough
  • Hot water taps are making a shudder noise
  • Geyser keeps tripping your electricity
  • Excessive high electrical bill, due to hot water that is extremely hot
What to do if your geyser bursts:
  • Make sure you turn off the power to your geyser on your main electrical board in the house.
  • Turn off the main water supply, as this should stop the geyser from leaking. This can prevent further damage until a plumber can get to you.
  • Turn on a hot tap, this will help alleviate some pressure.
  • Call your Insurance Company to confirm that Geyser is covered.
  • Call us to replace the geyser that same day.


A cost effective power saving solution

Avoid having to switch off your geyser manually with this clever device. You are able to monitor the temperature in your geyser at all times and are able to set up to 4 on/off times per day. You are able to run your geyser for as little as one and a half hours per day, depending on water usage.

  • Replaces the conventional thermostat with a digital system.
  • Digital water temperature reading/setting.
  • Control your geyser from your palm with the controller.
  • Convenient to operate.
  • Microprocessor Intelligent Control.
  • Quick and steady water temperature control.
  • Power-off memory timer.
  • Earth leakage protection.
  • High temperature cut out at 85 degrees centigrade.
  • Element failure detection.
  • Leaking hot water pipe detection.
  • Scale build-up detection.
  • Probe failure detection.
  • Load shifting capability to off peak periods.
  • Real-time Clock.
  • Four daily programmable time settings, Mondays to Sundays.
  • Battery backup on power failure.


We believe fitting Geyser Blankets can help reduce the heat lost by your geyser and lead to a reduction in the amount of electricity which is used to keep geyser hot.

We can fit pipe insulation to new and existing hot water piping. This will reduce heat loss and can also prevent pipes from freezing and bursting on cold winter nights.


We also specialise in installing Industrial Geysers.

Get in touch for pricing.


We are able to replace all pressure reducing valves and other relief valves and  arrange industrial valve servicing or replacement.

  • Safety valves
  • Temperature relief valves, commonly called TP valves
  • Up to 110mm Industrial Valves

These are just some of the valves we work with on a daily basis.


We are able to recommend a Heat Pump solution for your existing geysers or with your new build. We install the full range of Heat Pumps, from 3.2 kW right up to 77 kW units for more industrial applications.

With a Heat Pump installed you are able to save up to 65 % on your water heating costs, depending on geyser size and location.

Advantages of Heat Pump Technology
  • Drastically cut electricity costs
  • Cheaper to install than solar heating
  • No panels on the roof or exposed glass to break
  • Heats at night and during cloudy weather
  • Remote control with timer allows off-peak heating
  • Water temperature adjustable from 40° to 60°
  • Guaranteed and backed nationwide

It’s the new trend in water heating that’s fast gaining momentum in South Africa! Whether in homes or hotels, water heating accounts for a large portion of electricity usage. With rapidly increasing electricity costs, everyone’s looking to cut down.

Water heaters work on the same heat pump principle as air conditioners, extracting ambient heat from the atmosphere but, instead, transferring it to water.

Thus where in a normal geyser, 1 kW of electrical energy produces just 1 kW of heat energy, with an Alliance Air Heat Pump Water Heater, 1 kW of electrical energy produces approximately 3 kW of heat energy.

The result is water heated for only approximately one third of the electrical usage of a normal household geyser. You save two-thirds on your water heating costs!

How does a Heat Pump work?

Electricity is used in a Heat Pump simply to power a compressor and a fan. The compressor compresses gas into a liquid, causing it to heat up (in the same way a bicycle pump gets hot when a tyre is pumped up). This heat is then transferred to circulating water which is stored in a geyser.

In the next part of the cycle the gas evaporates, resulting in it cooling down. Here, a fan blows air over the cold gas-filled piping, which extracts ‘free’ heat from the ambient temperature and causes the gas to warm up again. The gas is then compressed once more, releasing the extracted heat to warm water and the cycle continues as before.

Result: energy-efficient water heating at a third of the cost of electric-element heating.

Cheaper to install than solar heating

Water Heaters cost less to install than the average solar heater and can operate at night in off-peak times or in cloudy or rainy weather. There are no unsightly solar collectors on your roof subject to possible damage.

Advantages of Water Heater
  • Ideal for commercial purpose (hotels, B&B’s, guesthouses etc.) as well as domestic usage.
  • Aesthetically pleasing and compact design
  • Water heating can be timer-controlled to suit water heating demands.
  • Water heating can take place at night (during periods of low electricity demand), and during rainy or cloudy weather.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Safety mechanisms include: Compressor overload, start-up delay, water temperature & water pressure safety
  • HP & LP protection


We supply and install reserve tanks for household and irrigation purposes from 500 litre – 10000 litre above and below ground tanks.


We can customise  a rain water harvesting solution for your needs and budget.

A typical system would take water from your gutters through a leaf catcher to remove leaves and large particles. It would then go through a “First Flush” to stop most sediment from entering your tank.

From the tank, this water can be pumped and used for irrigating, topping up swimming pools or even filtered to supply portable water to the house.


Some areas have poor pressure or have regular water outages. Booster pumps can help house and/or irrigation systems in these instances.

We can install pressure switches and vessels as well as flow control valves.


By removing fats, oils and grease from kitchen and other wastewater, grease traps provide an essential service – keeping drains clear and septic tanks functioning smoothly.

Fats, oils and grease from waste water disrupt plumbing systems, causing blockages, it is essential that professionals are called on a regular basis to clean grease traps and perform proper maintenance services in order to keep this plumbing system operating properly.

Geezers Plumbing offer a wide range of services which include cleaning grease traps unblocking the drains and ensuring that your drain system and your septic tank is clear of all waste water and contaminants.


Subsoil drainage system is designed to be installed underground in order to remove excessive water from the soil, so that it doesn’t cause damage to buildings or to the landscape.

Contact us for more advice and information on Subsoil Drains.


Septic Tanks

A septic tank has three main functions:

  1. Separation of sewage solids from liquid.
  2. Reduction of scum and dissolved COD (mostly urine) by anaerobic bacteria (in both chambers)
  3. Storage of inorganic solids and minerals as fine silt on the floor (to be removed by spade or suction periodically – usually every 10 – 25 years).
French Drains & Filtration Chambers

A French Drain is a trench filled with gravel or rock or containing a perforated pipe that redirects surface water and groundwater away from an area. Infiltration chambers are now used as a more efficient and effective way of dispersing outflow from septic tanks and bio-reactors.


A sump pump is a pump used to remove water that has accumulated in ‘a water collecting sump basin’ commonly found in basements, or lift shafts.

The water may enter via the perimeter drains of a basement waterproofing system, funnelling into the basin or because of rain or natural ground water, if the basement is below the water table level.


An experienced plumber will oversee the job to ensure that you, the client, receive the highest level of professionalism for any plumbing job.

We continually strive to be efficient, friendly, and our focus is on your satisfaction.


Consult us on the best layouts for practicality or to save on costs as well as do’s and don’ts.

Turn key projects can be arranged as we work in association with reliable people in the trades.


We are more than just skilled plumbers. We provide many other additional services including all plumbing installations for construction sites. We deal with the following:

  • Pricing of Tenders
  • Providing complete installations for domestic and commercial sites
  • Each onsite plumber has experience in installing and working on all forms of plumbing

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