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Plumbing tips from Geezers Plumbing CC, a few useful plumbing tips for the plumber in you.

  • Water mains shut off valve - Always familiarise yourself as to where the main shutoff valve is in case of an emergency.
  • If you have water coming out of overflow pipe in the roof: (burst geyser or valve malfunction)
    • Turn off geyser at electricity board if water overflow is hot
    • Turn off water mains at the geyser or, if difficult to locate, at the meter or at valve outside house
    • If water is cold, it would indicate that the pressure valve may be faulty.
  • Clean shower rose of lime – Lime scale remover or soak in clear vinegar over night
  • Clean tap filters once a month by unscrewing filter on the end of the tap or spout anti-clockwise.
  • Check that thermostat on geyser is set between 50-60ºc
  • Change tap washers if you have dripping taps and/or knocking pipes
  • Check water meter for leaks – Make sure no toilets, taps or geyser overflows are running then check the meter. If it is moving the chances are you have an under ground leak and you may be losing thousands of litres a day.

The Geezers Service Guarantee

Sandton Plumbers GuaranteeGeezers Plumbing Cc only supply and make use of SABS approved materials and adhere strictly to the manufacturers warranties.

Geezers Plumbing CC guarantees all plumbing work undertaken by our plumbers in Sandton for a period of 6 months from the date of completion of the plumbing project. In the event of faulty workmanship by Geezers Plumbing CC plumbers, the fault will be rectified at no additional cost to the client.